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The NFL season is approaching and excitement is mounting. This year, the Pittsburgh Steelers are not just contenders but are favorites in the AFC North We all know about Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, and the rest of the team. But do you know the team? And what about other teams in the division? This year's blog aims to answer those questions by telling you more about that team — your team on which success or failure during the season will depend.

AFC North teams

The AFC North currently has four members: Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The original four members of the AFC Central were the Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Houston Oilers (now the Tennessee Titans), and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Baltimore Ravens used to be an expansion team from Cleveland known as the Browns, who left for Baltimore in 1996. The Browns suspended operations for three seasons beginning in 1996 before returning to play in 1999. In 2002, the league realigned into eight divisions with four AFC North teams each (32 total teams). The NFL expanded to 32 teams by adding the Houston Texans to the AFC Central. This move maintained two divisions of five teams each within both conferences and split up two unique division pairings (Bengals-Browns, Oilers-Steelers) which had existed since 1970.

AFC North standings

With the 2022 NFL season fast approaching, it's time to see where your [team name] land in the AFC North. You've never been more ready for AFC North Standings NFL Regular Season 2022. We've got everything you need to know about AFC North division Standings Regular Season 2021—all the details, stats, and scores by division, conference, and league. We know you're ready to get down to business—so are we! But first things first: Have you seen our favorite new desk accessory? It's a pencil holder that looks like a tiny, remote-controlled lawnmower. It makes us smile every time we look at it… but we digress. Here's all you need to know about AFC North football Standings Regular Season 2022.

AFC North rankings

There's a lot of change in the AFC North rankings this week, but what remains true is that the Pittsburgh Steelers still reign. This week, the Cleveland Browns have made a big jump after coming away with a win against the Cincinnati Bengals last weekend. The win could be enough to help them repeat their win over the Steelers as long as they can maintain consistency with their offense and defense. The Baltimore Ravens are still on top in terms of overall record, but they've dropped to number three in AFC North power rankings after suffering their first loss of the season to the New England Patriots. The good news is that they were able to get back on track with a solid victory over one of their AFC North rivals, the Cincinnati Bengals. The Steelers and Ravens both have 5-2 records, while the Bengals sit at a disappointing 1-5 after losing both games this week. The Steelers will look to seal up a playoff spot in Week 9 when they play host to the Ravens. Whether or not they can pull off another victory against Baltimore will determine just how high they climb up these AFC North football NFL rankings.

AFC North champions

The Cleveland Browns are the AFC North champions for the first time since 1989! "The last time we were the AFC North champions 2022 was way back in 1989," said Browns coach Hue Jackson. "So it's been a long time coming, and we're just really happy to be able to say that this is our division." Entering week 17, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens were tied for first place with 9-6 records, followed by the Cincinnati Bengals at 8-7-1. But then the Steelers beat the Bengals and the Ravens beat the Browns, which gave both the Steelers and Ravens 10 wins. The Browns won their final game against the Packers to finish 9-7. This means that all four teams in the AFC North will have winning records, and will each finish with a winning record for only the second time ever. The other 22 teams in the football NFL all finished with at least 5 wins, so it makes sense that every AFC team would be playing in January.

AFC North playoff picture

Welcome to the AFC North playoff picture page of the 2022 National Football League season. View the AFC North playoff picture. The AFC north NFL playoff picture table presents the probabilities that a team will win each NFL playoff spot. All future unplayed games are assumed won/lost with a probability-based upon relative team strengths. Where more than one team has the same probability of winning, their order is determined by the average of their points scored and points allowed. Where two teams have identical records and strength of schedule, we give precedence to head-to-head competition, then common opponents. The NFL Tiebreaking Procedures will be applied to determine all ties.

AFC North schedule

The best place to find the football NFL schedule is right here on this site. You can look up the schedules for every team, including the 2022 AFC North schedule. We'll always keep you up-to-date with all of the info you need to see if your team is going to be playing at home or away and what time they're playing and what channel they're on. There's no need to buy tickets or worry about parking at the stadium—just check here for the AFC North remaining schedule and be sure you don't miss any games.

AFC North predictions

This is the most exciting NFL season in history, and we are here to help you be the best at it. We want you to be able to enjoy every minute of it, and we want you to make some money doing it. That's why we're here with the latest on the AFC North Division predictions and picks. The Ravens are going to have a tough battle on their hands this season. They have had one of the most consistent offenses in the NFL for many years, but they are now being challenged by a new contender in town: The Cleveland Browns! The Browns have made some significant changes to their offense and defense that should help them compete with Baltimore, as well as create an even more balanced attack than they had last year. The Ravens will need to rely on Joe Flacco's arm again this year, but if he can stay healthy then their offense should be fine. On defense, Terrell Suggs will be back from injury and looking to wreak havoc once again with his pass rush.

AFC North odds

A look at updated AFC North odds with lines for the Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, and Cincinnati Bengals. Last week, half of the AFC North teams came off their bye weeks with a win, and the other half lost. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens both won their games against the Indianapolis Colts and Seattle Seahawks respectively, while the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Houston Texans and Los Angeles Rams respectively. With only six weeks left in the season, it is time to take another look at how each team stacks up in terms of odds to win their division. These are the current football NFL odds to win the AFC North: Baltimore Ravens (-2000) - Some people may be surprised that the Ravens are such heavy favorites with so much of their season left to play. However, they have a commanding lead over their division rivals with a half-game lead over the Patriots for first place in the NFL standings. They also have defeated all three of their division rivals this season and still have one more game to play against each team.

AFC North football NFL game tonight

The AFC North has been a tight race all season long, but the Steelers are playing tonight against the Ravens in a game that could very well decide who wins the division. The Steelers have clinched a playoff spot and can't fall out of contention for the title, but this will be their first chance to secure it. The Ravens, on the other hand, need a win to keep pace with the rest of their conference and avoid falling out of contention. The Steelers have had a solid defense all season long, allowing just over 15 points per game while scoring almost 28 points per football NFL game tonight. They'll need to contain Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco if they want to win this one.

AFC North news

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Final thought

If you’re a fan of an AFC North NFL team, football season has finally arrived and it’s time to get excited about your favorite teams. The Baltimore Ravens are feeling confident with quarterback Joe Flacco leading their team, the Cincinnati Bengals are hoping third-year man Andy Dalton is ready to take the next step in his development, the Cleveland Browns have seven new draft picks hoping to contribute right away, the Pittsburgh Steelers have had the same strong core group for several years now, and are hoping they can win a Super Bowl one day. Hopefully, these teams will bring plenty of cheers and smiles to you this fall.